Here is a little guide to how the test works

We recommend:

  • that you give yourself enough time – the test takes approximately 1 hour
  • that you are in a place where you can concentrate without being disturbed
  • that you check that the sound on your computer is working, and that you have headphones ready if needed.

The test is a combination of two methods:

  1. Self-assessment – where you will assess your own level based on several “I can” statements.
  2. Actual test – where you choose the correct answer from several options.

The test is comprised of six parts which represent different language skills:

  1. Writing
  2. Grammar and vocabulary
  3. Reading
  4. Listening
  5. Speaking
  6. Conversation

Each part begins with a self-assessment, where you assess how good you are at the language in several concrete situations.

The test is based on your level

The test begins at the level according to your self-assessment.

When you have completed the first part of the test, the test assesses whether your self-assessment and your actual level are the same. If you are in fact better than your self-assessment, the test will send you to a higher level.

You can be sent up and down in level during the test, so you should just follow the instructions you receive.

The test takes approximately 1 hour

It takes between ½ hour and 1½ hours to complete the whole test. This depends on how much you are sent up or down a level in each part of the test and also on which level you are on.

You can stop the test at anytime and return to it later. The language test saves your answers and you can continue from the exact place you stopped. Note that you need to complete the test within 48 hours, before your link expires.

Get results by email

When you have completed the test, the results can be sent to you by email.

The results show your level in each skill in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).